#TheHustle: Law edition with Ebuka, Olive Emodi, Obi Asika, Lolo and Pexxie on #WithChude

#TheHustle: Law edition with Ebuka, Olive Emodi, Obi Asika, Lolo and Pexxie on #WithChude
November 12, 2021 Dorcas

On this episode of #WithChude we talked about what it really means to be a lawyer in Nigeria, whether you actually practice the law or not. Is it really still a thing of Orode to be a lawyer? And what needs to change urgently?

Co-hosting the episode is Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and the guests are; Olive Emodi, Obi Asika, Lolo and Lekan Bamidele.

Each and every one of them had something poignant to say about studying and practice of law in Nigeria.

Ebuka – Law just sounded interesting to me that was it, that was literally why I went to study law, I had no interest in the course, I had nobody telling me why I needed to study law.

Olive – I think there’s a part of me that wanted to fulfil my father’s subtle childhood wish.

LOLO – I’m beginning to see that even litigation is sitting back, very few firms are even called litigators because now, half of the lawyers are property lawyers.

Lekan Pexxie – There has been some sort of change over the last couple of years, now you can do your search online, lets say for the subject plan of a property, you can actually check to see what kind of moods or title this property has.

Olive Emodi – As a woman, my experience going through school, there were some challenges that i faced uniquely because i was a woman, one of which was sexual harassment

Omotunde Lolo – A case file that has been spanning for 10 years, so the casee file alone, I’ll be sweating and by the tim i geet to court there will be no light in court, that means i wasn’t even allowed to drink a bottle of water. So even the practice of law is important because there is something that comes with it.

Lekan Pexxie – Yes i enjoy practising law


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