Singer and new Actor, Niyola talks about loss and leaving Nigeria on #WithChude

Singer and new Actor, Niyola talks about loss and leaving Nigeria on #WithChude
October 8, 2021 Dorcas

Singer and Actress Niyola sits with Chude to talk about the loss of her friend and parents on #WithChude

“A lot of things happened. It was pain, it was loss, it was gain.

“I lost very important people in my life, three of them. I lost my friend. I lost my friend, a very close friend of mine, I lost my mom and I lost my dad. And I don’t mean this the wrong way but I have to say it, because if I’m sharing my story, I have to be honest, I think moving out of Nigeria did a great deal for me.

“I’ve always kind of moving between here and there, I was never really settled. But moving out of Nigeria helped me to see life from a very different lens. It helped me to see life from a different place, a different way and to unlearn a lot of things that I had learnt here and also learnt and decided if they were really who I wanted to be or who I was programmed to be.

“There’s that, and there’s the game. I lost my mom and all of a sudden it felt as if scales fell off my eyes and I could see. So in the time that my mum was ill, and at the hospital at Ikeji, I would go there everyday. I didn’t even have the time of day to make my hair, to fix my nails or to just do all these things that we females feel we need to do. They’re great but I felt they were hard to do like going to the store, I couldn’t just go down there with my hair.

“I didn’t have the time, my mum was lying there fighting for her life.”


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