Actor, Joke Silva breaks silence on husband’s absence on #WithChude

Actor, Joke Silva breaks silence on husband’s absence on #WithChude
November 24, 2021 Dorcas

Actor Joke Silva shares with host Chude personal reasons for her husband- actor Olu Jacob’s absence from the media.

Olu Jacobs, much like his wife, is a renowned actor and film executive that stayed relevant after the era referred to as old Nollywood. Around 2019, after releasing and featuring in phenomenal film productions, he disappeared.

Revealing the reason for his disappearance for the first time ever, Joke Silva, said, “Well, he is dealing with issues and it’s been going on for some couple of years. It’s known as dementia with Lewy body. It’s a degenerative disease that affects the brain, and it’s almost like a kind of Parkinson’s disease but it is the brain that it affects so you don’t see the shaking”.

Commenting on his well-being, she confessed that “It is hard on him because he doesn’t understand what is going on and it is equally as hard on other members of the family as well”.

The actor also confessed to missing her husband and their intimacy. “There have been some situations and you know I just wish I had the old you here because I wouldn’t have to battle this on my own,” she told Chude.

Despite all of this, Joke says she is thankful for the moments of clarity she gets to have with her husband.


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