CEO of Pop Central TV, Yinka Obebe sits on #WithChude

CEO of Pop Central TV, Yinka Obebe sits on #WithChude
April 16, 2021 Admin

On this episode of #WithChude, CEO of Pop Central TV, Yinka Obebe, discusses with host, Chude Jideonwo, the high and low points of his career, especially his journey from rock-bottom to becoming the CEO of one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing television stations.

Speaking on a life-altering and reflective season of his career when he had to leave his former employment at Nigezie TV and resort to selling personal property to make ends meet, Mr. Obembe said, “When I was to leave Nigezie, I had a personal car and an official car. I had to sell my personal car because the engine was bad and I needed over 1 million naira to buy another one. With the money I got for the car, I got myself cameras and other production equipment. Back then, I was living an excessive life with constant clubbing, but the day I left the company, I left with nothing but a backpack.

“I already had a son who was in the first year and a half of his life. If you know anything about children, you will know that in their first 3 years, they could need medical attention at any time. My wife and I were never used to a life without a car in the least, not to talk more of doing that with a toddler. I remember getting home, and my wife was surprised to see me without a car. From that time, I took cabs because I couldn’t afford to get back to the life I was living. That experience was necessary for me because it had helped me to focus and cut off any excesses in my life,” he said.

With a positive attitude to life and his wife by his side, Yinka Obebe was able to get up from the difficult time life had thrown him to become the CEO of one of Nigeria’s boldest television stations.


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