Today, we will all be Zimbabwe

Today, we will all be Zimbabwe
July 30, 2018 Admin

Chude Jideonwo’s article titled; “Today, we will all be Zimbabwe” was featured in ‘West Africa is a Country’.

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Mugabe’s glorious disgrace, greeted by jubilation on the streets of Zimbabwe, and across the world as Africa suddenly became a country bound together by hope and possibilities, was the fitting cherry on this marvelous cake. The cake is called hope.

At this time last year, as this shameful strongman, who has almost destroyed his country while whipping up anti-West sentiment as a cover for failure, plotted to hand over his country to his wife as if it were an inheritance, no one could have believed that Zimbabwe would be holding an election this year, or that if it were, a person named Mugabe would not be on the ballot, coasting to another sure victory.


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