I will be away from social media throughout 2021

I will be away from social media throughout 2021
January 20, 2021 Admin

I want to share details of a personal experiment I am doing throughout 2021. I will be spending the whole of 2021 completely off social media.

The work that we do requires me to spend time with myself and in myself. In this particular case, I want to create some multimedia products, and because of the kinds of stories I want to tell, it requires a level of authenticity that can mostly be secured through solitude.

My colleagues will be helping me with updating my social media, with videos that we create under the #WithChude brand, including The Daily Vulnerable.

I am really excited about all the feedback I’ve gotten. I am so grateful to all those who have found me worthy of sharing their stories and those who will still find me worthy in the future.

I can’t imagine myself doing anything else but this work; it feeds my spirit, and hugs my soul. I am deeply thankful. While I am away doing this dramatic thing, I know that I remain deeply connected with you in spirit.

God bless you.


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