Popular singer Seyi Shay shares her journey through the music industry on #WithChude

Popular singer Seyi Shay shares her journey through the music industry on #WithChude
October 22, 2021 Dorcas

Popular singer, Seyi Shay shares her experience in the music industry. In an interview with Chude on #WithChude, she spoke about her journey and future projects.

“Oh yes! I’m happy with my career, especially now that I have this new project I’m about to drop. Jeez! I could have never come up with such genius last year, maybe that’s why people think I’m arrogant. I’m a big girl now, so I’m not scared of you guys anymore.

“But this genius that I’m about to put out, I couldn’t have done it before now, because the content is just so mind blowing. It’s like the old and the new me merged together. Sound wise, it’s probably what people want to hear from me.

“I’ve spent years listening to my fans, honestly. They think I don’t listen to them but I do. I’ve spent years listening to why they want from me, I’ve had the moans and the groans of some real hardcore fans and I’ve seen where they’ve been disappointed and what hurts them and what they look forward to and what they like to see and like to hear and my core fans, my real true people would be very pleased to know that we’ve gone back to the Seyi Shay that they know and love.

“I’ve been listening to them, I’ve put them into consideration, I’ve done the inner work and I’m bringing the inner work into the outer space. Haha I love you, omo! I love you oh and need to be calling you up for some catch phrase. Yeah the inner work and bringing it to the outer space, so the whole team has put this project together, I commend seriously.”



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