“I was celibate for three years before divorce”, Kaffy shares on #WithChude

“I was celibate for three years before divorce”, Kaffy shares on #WithChude
June 3, 2022 Dorcas

Award-winning dancer, Kaffy sits with Chude Jideonwo, host of #WithChude and founder of Joy, Inc. to discuss her childhood and its effect on her marriage and the resolutions. 

“I saw the idea of domestic violence in a home, from a different perspective. The bigger narrative is Man beats woman, woman cowers in the corner and people start looking for who to help her. My mother’s case wasn’t like that. It was gbas gbos, there was even a time that it was Daddy that would run. We, the kids, had to hide anything that could break or shook, even spoons. When the divorce came, we were delighted, because we have been wondering ‘when will these people separate and find love,’ because the love we saw was toxic”. 

On her marriage and the circumstances surrounding her divorce, “Partnership, Honesty and Gratitude are very key for me and those things were missing in my marriage and my husband became careless about it. The most important thing was I was not educated enough for marriage, a lot of us are not. Our parents are not preparing us enough for marriage. Living through their eyes is not enough. We can’t have a society that issues marriage certificates easier than driver’s licence, but it is inside these homes all the ills of the society are being built”. 

“I will use my divorce to help people avoid it, understand marriage, keep it and those that have been divorced understand that it is not the end of the road”, she added. 

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