Cobhams Asuquo sits with Chude on growing up blind and surpassing the odds in the music industry

Cobhams Asuquo sits with Chude on growing up blind and surpassing the odds in the music industry
April 16, 2021 Admin

Singer-songwriter and superstar producer, Cobhams Asuquo has always been the perfect example of grit, hope, and passion. On this episode of #WithChude, he didn’t fail to bring an overabundance of inspiration as he walked us through his ordeal of growing up blind in Nigeria and the power of ignorance on the way to fulfilling his dreams.

When asked about how he overcame the challenge of being born blind in a country like Nigeria, Cobhams answered, “Growing up, I was an ignorant blind person. It is one of the few instances where ignorance is really bliss because if I understood what it meant growing up in Nigeria – in the world, to be a blind person and the limitations that people stack over you then maybe I wouldn’t have done half the things I do now. But I don’t think I understood what it meant, and because of that I went ahead to do whatever I felt that I could do.

“Now, seeing that I am in a place of knowledge, in a place of growing enlightenment – because it continues, we are enlightened everyday, I think it is necessary for it to be mentioned that everything that happened happened despite my being blind. Not so much for me as it is for the next man who needs to know that it doesn’t matter where it is you find yourself, it doesn’t matter what kind of odds are stacked against you, this thing can still happen. It is what crowns the message of my life as a message of hope, as a message of possibilities.”

From sustaining a high-flying career to raising a unique family with a supportive wife, Cobhams continues to be a beacon of light and his story serves as an inspiration to many. In his words, “Someone needs to know that I didn’t have it all together when it began to happen”.


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