Chude Jideonwo to speak at the Wharton Africa Business Forum

Chude Jideonwo to speak at the Wharton Africa Business Forum
November 1, 2018 Admin

Founder of Joy, Inc. and co-founder of Africa media group, RED, Chude Jideonwo will be speaking at the 26th Wharton Africa Business Forum (WABF) on November 3, 2018, at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown Hotel, Pennsylvania, USA.

He will be speaking on a panel focused on Youth, New Generation Politics, and Social Activism.

WABF is the longest-running Africa-focused business conference in the United States and annually convenes more than 600 current and prospective MBA students, young professionals, thought leaders, political dignitaries, and business/industry leaders from around the world to discuss career leadership, investment opportunities, and to contemplate Africa as a business destination.

The 2018 conference has the theme “Reimagining Africa’s Global Partnerships: Unleashing Its Potential and Redesigning Pathways to Growth” to facilitate dialogue on the complexity of investment and managerial decision-making by business and public leaders in the midst of uncertainty—yet at the cusp of an unprecedented age of information, global connectivity, and the endless opportunities these present.


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