Chude Jideonwo releases his first book on vulnerability, The Daily Vulnerable

Chude Jideonwo releases his first book on vulnerability, The Daily Vulnerable
June 9, 2020 Admin

NYT Bestselling author, Richard Sheridan endorses Chude Jideonwo’s book on vulnerability 

Order now! Chude Jideonwo’s new book, The Daily Vulnerable out on Amazon and Okadabooks 

After two years of closely nurturing over 2,000 subscribers to The Daily Vulnerable – a daily-shared newsletter on vulnerability and living a conscious life of joy, Chude Jideonwo, founder of human flourishing company, Joy, Inc. has shared his teachings in a compact new book of the same title.

Described by New York Times bestselling author, Richard Sheridan as ‘The joy companion’, The Daily Vulnerable is Chude Jideonwo’s third book and his first one on vulnerability and joy.

“Chude’s book will help others seek joy in their lives. They will, in turn, share it. Joy is funny that way,”  Mr. Sheridan said.”There is a hunger for joy everywhere, especially in the workplace. It’s almost as if people are waiting to say joy, feel joy, talk about joy, and the first time it is used, it gives everyone else permission to start saying it. The world needs more joy, less fear”.

By giving people non-mediated tools to navigate an emotionally, mentally, and spiritually complex world, Joy, Inc., continues to lead the conversation about embracing vulnerability and emotions, and building safe, warm spaces across business, government and culture.

“As another step in the network of offerings, the #WithChude platform and Joy, Inc. present our very first book, Volume 1 of The Daily Vulnerable: daily meditations on fear, sadness, joy, hope, and love.”, said Chude Jideonwo while announcing the release of the book. “It’s a non-religious daily devotional, and this one is for 184 days – sharing from the deepest truths of the heart, connecting with each other as human beings, traveling together. This one is a gift of love – to ourselves and to you.”

“It offers daily insights that help you reflect on how to live a centred and authentic life, by transforming daily adversity into stepping stones through accepting what is. The book teaches you how to be comfortable with dealing with the things we often shy from as humans – our fears, insecurities, doubts, mistakes, flaws, and lack of consciousness – and in so doing, pave the path for joy and love”.

A copy of The Daily Vulnerable can be ordered on Amazon (Kindle) and Okadabooks from June 9, 2020.



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