WithChude: iLLBLISS talks about his career, and the toughest times in his life.

WithChude: iLLBLISS talks about his career, and the toughest times in his life.
June 3, 2022 Dorcas

Nigerian Rapper and Businessman, iLLBLISS sits with Chude Jideonwo, host of #WithChude and founder of Joy, Inc. to discuss dealing with 8 years of childlessness, the longevity of his career as a rapper and his role as “Odogwu Malay” in the film, King of Boys.


“Kemi Adetiba sent me the script in August, and I didn’t read the script till January the next year. when I was reading the script I thought they had done the film… By the time I read the first three pages, I knew I messed up. I had shut it down because I was scared, I didn’t want to do film yet. I wanted to produce film, but the acting was not part of the plan.”


“I called her that January and she hadn’t shot the film and she hadn’t cast, she had been looking for who to cast. So,  I said, ‘Kemi, Let’s do it’.


On his career as a rapper, he said: “I have to be more thankful to God for this longevity, because this is not how it happens especially for rappers based in Nigeria. I have been here for a minute but I don’t even feel that way at all.  I feel light on my feet and I am just thankful that people have taken my messaging, my music, my brand and it has moved me forward.”


“I have seen a lot of artists become the rave of the moment, and that same time the next year, they will be nowhere to be found. I have seen many people float by and I have come to understand that the real giveback you can give to the game is to always move like you just came. For everything you think you’ve done somebody has probably done ten to twenty times unannounced. so, I just always want to keep still and listen more, learn more, let the work speak for you, ” he added.


ILL BLISS and his wife dealt with 8 years of childlessness in their marriage. He shared that that period felt incomplete, “At some point, we decided to adopt. We will take somebody’s child and show them so much, love. and just when we had spoken about that, my wife took it in like two months after,” He said.


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