Tosyn Bucknor’s last interview on WithChude

Tosyn Bucknor’s last interview on WithChude
April 16, 2021 Admin

“…One year since the passing of Tosyn Bucknor, and in celebration of  “Area Mama’s” life, Y! TV has released a #WithChude special with the media ‪entrepreneur.

Before she passed away in 2018, she had an interview where she sheds more light on her career, her life, the media industry, and her legacy.

Tosyn Bucknor, before she passed away due to complications from sickle cell, was a celebrated media personality, actress and social media content creator. While she was alive, she supported youth organizations such as Rise Nigeria, The Future Nigeria, Election awareness campaigns such as Enough is Enough Nigeria and 1 Thumb Nigeria, and also managed ‘These Genes’, a sickle cell project.

She was a strong advocate for unity, equality, fairness, and constantly shared her opinions on prevalent national and global issues.

#WithChude, an interview series hosted by activist and founder of Joy, Inc. Chude Jideonwo, spotlights societal issues and societal trends aimed at providing a relatable and enlightening content with a powerful and engaging narrative.”


Read more here or watch the full interview at or on YouTube


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