“There were times I wanted to leave my marriage, but I stayed because of my wife,” ID Cabasa shares on #WithChude. 

“There were times I wanted to leave my marriage, but I stayed because of my wife,” ID Cabasa shares on #WithChude. 
September 13, 2023 Dorcas
Music Producer, Olumide Ogunade, popularly known as ID Cabasa sits Chude Jideonwo, host of #WithChude to discuss, his marriage, his relationship with 9ce and Toni Payne, and taking criticism 
Speaking about his marriage, he shared, “I am definitely enjoying my marriage, but it is a scam if I tell you that it is perfect. There are a lot of times when I wake up and I just want to leave. There are a lot of times when I wake up and I just want to leave. But in all those curiosities and disbelief, I have enjoyed marriage because think I married a friend and someone that even when the chips are down, I realldon’t want to leave. The morning I was going to face this thing was the day realised that ‘I can’t leave this babe’ and I had a flashback. It was the day realised that if there is problem in marriage ‘it is see finish’. It was then I said, rather than creating a vision of the woman in front of me, why not create the woman I want to see in her’. That helps me to work more on helping her and helping me too. People will say they stay because of children but think I stayed because of my wife”. 

ID Cabasa also shared about the time he didn’t want to be in the spotlight. “I had opportunities. I was hiding because I didn’t want to be seen and I was losing moneyThere were endorsements that was coming, and I will say, ‘God forbid, I can’t do it because it is not Christian. There was stuff that was coming to me; People that I was supposed to enter into a room with and be bold to just get business done, and I was showing too much respect and they took advantage of me. This was why I told Olamide, 9ice and all of them – when they were startingthat they should never prostrate for me outside. I was losing business and respect. When my eyes got open, I was scarce again but this time to reach me you have to go through a particular process, I changed my location. I left Akoka, to create scarcity. Now I have fewer people I am dealing with, and I am doing way better. Unlike those days when everyone will enter the studio, ‘Baba come and help me. I go out of my way to help people; I went broke at some point trying to help the whole world. All those experiences, especially my failures, have shaped me.  

Speaking on the separation between 9ice and Toni Payne, and how it broke his heart, he said, I think that’s the way the devil works, he will isolate you. I think a lot of things happened that till date I can tell you 9ice cannot sit down and say, ‘this was what happened between Cabasa and I. Because if I was in the whole picture, what happened wouldn’t have happened. It’s one of the most painful episodes in all of this. Because Seun was 9ice and 9ice was Seun. Both of them were good together. By the way, both of them are still very fine now. Ah! They’re padis’ now. And thank God 9ice is married to a very beautiful soul again, and Seun is doing fine, and Zion too is doing very well. But that particular episode, I’ll give some insights today which probably I’ve never shared with anyone. When I heard that all of that stuff happened, I was angry, majorly with 9ice. Because I felt in my head that, ‘look, guy, you’re one of the luckiest that I see around here, this babe is your friend’. When they told me the things that happened, none of these things had the potential of even causing (the problem). It was not infidelity. Although, some mischief makers came up with the song, ‘Once bitten, twice shy. The day we were making that song, Seun was in the house with us. She was the one that made food for us. That song had nothing to do with Toni Payne. I was angry all of those times, I wanted to talk but my guys were like, Cabasa, it is none of your business”. 

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