Tacha discusses life in and out of BBNaija on #WithChude

Tacha discusses life in and out of BBNaija on #WithChude
April 16, 2021 Admin

On [this] episode of “WithChude“, Chude Jideonwo sits with Tacha Akide to discuss why she went into the [Big Brother Nigeria] house, what happened in the house, how she felt when she was disqualified from the show, and how she has been doing ever since.

Tacha spoke about her experience with fame and grief as well as her journey towards gaining self-confidence.

Speaking on the personal attribute that solidified her position as a cultural icon, Tacha said:

“My self-confidence came from being disregarded by people. Right from childhood, I had always been in places where there were cliques I was never invited to. My mother made it her mission to help me stop wanting to feel validated by other people and to be okay with being by myself. She taught me how to let my happiness come from within.”

Tacha who lost her mother at 18, also discussed her approach to dealing with the loss and navigating her grief. “I am still not over it honestly. I wish she were here to see the confidence she had helped to build. When the memory returns I would either say a prayer or I let myself feel the pain and move on from it.”


Read more here or watch the full interview at watch.withchude.com or YouTube


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