Future of Faith Series now showing weekly on TV

Future of Faith Series now showing weekly on TV
June 17, 2020 Admin

“Our knowledge of God is definitely still limited,” my pastor, Dr. Sam Adeyemi said as we wrapped up this incredible 21 day #TheFutureOfFaith series. “There is no true follower of God who won’t have an open mind, because revelation is progressive. We only know in part. “That should make any preacher humble. So many of us will be surprised when we get to heaven because we will realise we were only partly right. Debate is part of the Christian tradition. God has not created a replacement of himself on this planet. “Everything keeps changing. Everything keeps evolving. And the Holyspirit keeps us a wide room in the bible for creativity. God is not afraid of freedom.” —

Like I have said again, and again, I couldn’t have ended this series in a better, more powerful, more profound way. [The chat is on the @YNaija handle for the next 24 hours] My faith is central to me. Revelation matters to me. But so does reason. And so does reality.

God has not called us to be, as Dr. Adeyemi describes, ‘mumu Christians’.
And every single one of us is a child of God. Every single one of us.
I have spoken in this series to atheists, to Reverend Fathers, to Islamic scholars, to feminist Muslims, to bishops and to my dear friend, the table shaker Mfon Ekpo, and they have ALL, ALL blessed me. ALL.

This has been a blast!

For those who have been asking for repeats, good news! From this Saturday, you can watch the series on TV #RetailReligion every Saturday on Channels TV at 1pm. It will also be on the #WithChude page on YouTube and some of them on #WithChude podcasts.
Plenty love, people. Plenty love.


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