Colour Me Gay

Colour Me Gay
January 3, 2010 Admin

Chude Jideonwo’s article titled; “Color Me Gay” was featured in ‘Naija Rules’.

You can read the full post here:


There are two major clubs in Lagos. One, a popular hangout for both gays and heterosexuals, is located in Victoria Island. The other, which has a monthly gay party, is located in Surulere; though it is important to note that they are not really gay bars, but “gay friendly”.

At the former, according to a number of respondents, it appears that professionals and otherwise moneyed men go there to meet with younger men. Kenneth (not his real name), barely in his 20s, is one of them. “They go to the bathroom to talk,” he said. “Because most of the younger dudes are effeminate and these men don’t want to be seen interacting with them. Sometimes they have sex there.”


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