Chude Jideonwo on Making Awaiting Trial – by Dika Ofoma

Chude Jideonwo on Making Awaiting Trial – by Dika Ofoma
January 3, 2023 Dorcas

Host of #WithChude, Chude Jideonwo discusses the making of his new documentary, Awaiting Trial and the need for a continued fight against injustice with Dika Ofoma.

In the interview, Chude Jideonwo shared his choice to tell the stories despite the sea of different materials on police brutality in Nigeria and managing the subject’s sensitivity even while telling the different sides of the story.

Awaiting Trial is a documentary that follows the lives of 3 people caught by the injustice of the Nigerian Police and is held by the unfair structures of both the police and the faulty legal system. The film was held in a 5-day online screening in 2022. The film is the debut from Chude Jideonwo Presents, a factual film studio  Africa’s leading independent producer of factual and non-fiction content, both scripted and unscripted – film, series, podcast and TV.

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