Charles Novia sits on #WithChude

Charles Novia sits on #WithChude
June 30, 2021 Admin

ollywood legendary producer, director, actor, screenwriter and promoter – Charles Novia discusses relevance in Nollywood, his effort to revive Majek Fashek’s music career, mid-life crisis, and more with host and co-founder of Joy, Inc., Chude Jideonwo, on this week’s episode of #WithChude.

Being someone who is always a step ahead of the times, Charles Novia disclosed that being prescient is a key trait that has kept him relevant through all Nollywood’s paradigm shifts.

According to him, doing this helped him anticipate what was next rather than staying comfortable with the level of success he already attained.

When I was a kid, I read a paragraph in a book that said something like, ‘always have a five year plan’. From that time on I started compartmentalizing my future. So, I would say, ‘What would I do in five years? What would I achieve in five years?’ After five years, I take stock and evaluate,” he said.

Disclosing a significant life event, and what seemed like a mid-life crisis, he said; “In 2003, 2004, when my movies were all up there and I was doing a whole lot of movies, I actually woke up one morning- I think I maybe had a midlife crisis at an early age- and I felt something was not right. I was making a whole lot of movies, my films were all there but I felt something was not right. Something was telling me, ‘there is no structure in what you are doing. DVDs and VHS are all the rave now but what if it ends tomorrow? What’s going to happen?”


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