Cee-C discusses dealing with negative criticisms and life outside the Big Brother House on #WithChude

Cee-C discusses dealing with negative criticisms and life outside the Big Brother House on #WithChude
August 18, 2021 Admin

Navigating negative emotions is difficult for anyone, especially when it has to be done under public scrutiny. This week on #WithChude, reality star, actress, and former BB Naija Housemate, Cynthia Nwadiora, popularly known as Cee-C, discusses life in and three years after leaving the Big Brother house and recovering from COVID-19.

Speaking about how she managed to survive in the Big Brother House knowing she was being watched publicly, Cee-C disclosed that it was a daunting experience, but her relationship with a fellow housemate kept her going.

“I didn’t know what to do with myself. For me it was more like, just survive. To do this, I got close to a particular person in the house. That was the only way I could survive. So, when everything went bad, it hit me hard”.

Comfort and support wasn’t the only thing Cee-C gained from fellow housemates; she also learned how to be calmer. According to her, “I have learnt how to be calm regardless and I learnt that from someone in the house, BamBam. I have learnt how to be a bottle of water. No matter how you shake it, when you open it it doesn’t explode. But in the house, I was the coca-cola.”

Unfortunately, the backlash didn’t end when Cee-C left the House. Considered a volatile housemate, Cee-C revealed that she faced a lot of toxicity after leaving, but she learnt to cope with it by leaning on her inner circle.

When I came out of the house, I experienced a lot of hatred. That was very obvious. I can’t say for sure where exactly the hate was coming from but one thing the people around me did for me was that they helped me to focus on the positive side. You know, the love. So, I was not paying attention to the hate”, she stated.

Despite receiving backlash from the general public, the reality star didn’t seem to be moved. In her words, “People should say what they want to say, it is really not my business. What matters to me is myself and people who actually care about me.”

Discussing her COVID-19 experience, Cee-C described it as “a sickness from hell”. In her words, “I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t smell. I couldn’t taste. I didn’t feel normal. It felt like there was something in my skin.” After a series of medications and rest, Cee-C was back on her feet within five days.

Years after being launched into stardom, Cee-C continues to surmount challenges and inspire other people to stay true to themselves despite contrary opinions.

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