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Read the pitch decks that helped 17 creator economy startups raise millions of dollars 

Skye, a career-coaching startup, had different decks depending on the type of investor or fund they were pitching to.
“I had two different versions, depending on the fund,” said Jessica Wolf, Skye’s CEO and cofounder. “If I knew a fund was more into pre-seed, all about the founder, I had one deck. But if I knew that they were a numbers person, I would use another one.”

Judgment Is the Decisive Skill

Ultimately, everything else that you do is actually setting you up to apply your judgment. One of the big things that people rail on is CEO pay. For sure there’s crony capitalism that goes on where these CEOs control their boards and the boards give them too much money.
But, there are certain CEOs who definitely earned their keep because their judgment is better.
Naval: And the reason why a lot of the top investors, a lot of the value investors, like if you read Jeremy Grantham, or you read Warren Buffet, or you read up on Michael Burry, these people sound like philosophers, or they are philosophers, or they’re reading a lot of history books or science books.


Why Carnegie Mellon’s condemnation of a professor’s viral tweet is troubling.

Since the death of Elizabeth was a massive news story and the tweet was going viral, the university’s administrators seem to have succumbed to public pressure to sanction Anya in some way out of a desire to defend the university’s reputation. As I’ve described at length before, the tendency of organizations to cave to spontaneously formed social media mobs is a terrible thing for a culture of free speech, and it’s a labor issue, too. There is always the option of trying to wait out the mob, which often dissipates as quickly as it forms.