Reading List – On Joy

10 Keys to Happier Living

Acceptance involves acknowledging the “unvarnished facts” of ourselves and our situation – the good and the not so good, without judging ourselves. Rather than this causing us to be stuck with things as they are, acceptance is the foundation for growth and change [9]. Self-esteem is our sense of value or worth. It is based on judgement about how good we are in specific areas of our lives (e.g. performance at school, work or in sport or in relationships) or relative to other people. As it can be dependent on our judgements about success or failure or on comparison to others it can be fragile [10]. The pursuit of self-esteem can lead us to overly focus on, or inflate, the positive aspects of ourselves and our performance and ignore or hide areas we don’t feel good about.

How to Free Your Soul From Disturbance

Joy is about subtraction: not about aggressively seeking to add pleasure to our lives, but about removing the things that cause us needless frustration, without reducing our desire to take action that we can.