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Uju Anya and the dangers of deliberate half-education, By ‘Tope Fasua.

The history of the world could as well be written as the history of plunders, from one society to another. Every nation on earth was formed by a group of oppressors, plunderers, enslavers, conquerors, whether from within or without. The history of Europe could be considered to be particularly bloody – perhaps simply because it was documented and made available for all to see and read.

Is it time to gatekeep Afrobeats?

“I feel gatekeeping is ridiculous, and it’s people outside the game that usually make statements like that because, at the end of the day, music is a business”, says Ini Baderinwa, an entertainment consultant and co-founder of TXT Mag.

Women who are unmarried and childless are the happiest people of all, according to a professor of behavioral science

Having children is “an amazing experience” for some, but added that “for a lot of people it isn’t, and the idea that we can’t talk openly about why that might be is a problem.”

JK Rowling sees through her enemies.

The critics rail away about her narcissism, her ignorance, her refusal to listen. But this book makes it clear that they’re badly mistaken: she has always been listening. Not with the empty-headed deference of the obsequious ally, but in the way that all good storytellers do, as a fly on the wall of the discourse, a keen observer of human affairs. And it is this — not her fame, not her money, but her ability to imagine an internet troll in all his sharp-edged human complexity — that ultimately makes Rowling uncancellable.

10 habits to stay grounded in life, according to Iyanla Vanzant

“Vanzant said during difficult stages of life, she reminds herself who she is, of her past triumphs and of her village who unconditionally support her. She said there’s one metaphor in particular that always encourages her during a rough patch.”

An open letter: why I’m leaving the cult of wokeness by Africa Brooke

If there’s one thing I’m NOT afraid of, it’s being ‘cancelled’.
‘If being cancelled means me living in integrity as a human being who thinks for themselves, CANCEL ME TODAY!

How Toxic Is Masculinity?

She believes that exaggerated complaints about the toxicity of men—their mansplaining and manspreading and so forth—have become a kind of tribal habit among women. In addition to eliminating much of the pleasure and charm of everyday male-female interactions, the constant demonizing of men has led us to lose sight of what is valuable and generative in male and female difference.

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