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Trumpism is dead, long live populism!

Here’s the thing about DeSantis: he does populism properly. He does it far more thoughtfully than Trump ever did. Many American voters knew Trump was a blunt instrument. But they were willing to wield him because they really wanted to make a point against the ancient regime of technocracy, paternalism and illiberalism. Voters made a pact with that buffoon in order to make it clear that they wanted political change, that they were sick and tired of being looked down upon by the Democratic establishment in particular as a problematic blob in constant need of correction and cancellation.

Twitter Is the Elon Musk Show Now 

In government, there are numerous terms for rule-by-guy, most of which bring to mind repression, suffering, and cultishness — “I alone can fix it,” etc. But it’s a common enough way to run companies, which tend to be internally authoritarian. Plenty of businesses are clear and direct extensions of their founders’ or executives’ desires, whims, and flaws, although few operate at such a massive scale or under such a well-known figure.

Queen Elizabeth Embodied the Myth of the Good Monarch

Yet it is the measure of Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning queen ever, that she will be remembered less for any of that than for playing her part so well, with such dignity and for so long.

How the Elite Captured Identity Politics

Chief among them being ‘deference politics’: the moral authority and political astuteness ascribed to marginalised individuals found in rooms where power congregates. In its crudest form, deference politics demands that we solemnly listen to the marginalised and centre their concerns. For Táíwò, this is ‘supercharge[d] moral cowardice’, an ‘abdication of responsibility’ on the part of those too unwilling, too ridden with an almost psychosexual need for penance, to think and act for themselves.


They share a the basic worldview: that individualist liberal ideology, increasingly bureaucratic governments, and big tech are all combining into a world that is at once tyrannical, chaotic, and devoid of the systems of value and morality that give human life richness and meaning—as Blake Masters recently put it, a “dystopian hell-world.”

Donald Trump Is Shocking, Vulgar and Right
And, my dear fellow Republicans, he’s all your fault.

Evangelicals have given up trying to elect one of their own. What they’re looking for is a bodyguard, someone to shield them from mounting (and real) threats to their freedom of speech and worship. Trump fits that role nicely, better in fact than many church-going Republicans. For eight years, there was a born-again in the White House. How’d that work out for Christians, here and in Iraq?.

How Tucker Carlson Stoked White Fear to Conquer Cable

At the height of his influence, Mr. Carlson exists in a carefully constructed bubble of his own — a retreat, and a bunker.

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