How to be angry: A call to common sense, not kumbaya

How to be angry: A call to common sense, not kumbaya
October 4, 2018 Admin

Chude Jideonwo’s article titled; “How to be angry; A call to common sense, not kumbaya” was featured in ‘Thrive Global’.

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This is not just a moral teaching but also a strategic one. For movements to be sustainable and therefore effective in the long run, they must learn how to identify anger, harness it and then channel it.

Young people in America and across the world have a right to rage against income inequality, white supremacy and fascism, political irresponsibility, minority oppression and corruption. But how can they effectively harness this anger to ensure the desired social change? How can they push back against the machine without losing their balance, without losing to anger and damaging the righteousness their causes?


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