Akah Nnani shares about fighting false accusations of rape as a teenager on #WithChude

Akah Nnani shares about fighting false accusations of rape as a teenager on #WithChude
April 16, 2021 Admin

In this episode of #WithChude is a sharp contrast from the rape stories that we usually hear in our society today – where the victim is the person who claims to be raped, and the culprit is the person being accused of rape. However, Actor, Tv Host and foremost content creator Akah Nnnani sheds light on what it means to be the accused and still be the victim as he narrated his gruesome experience of being falsely accused of rape as a teenager, how this experience formed the negative perception of women he held on to for years, and how he was able to heal from the trauma and go on to become a caring husband and father of one.

“When I was in secondary school, I was wrongfully accused of rape, and I was expelled. Time had passed before it was sorted out and truth came out, but I had lost a year,” he said.

When Akah was eventually called back, he chose to return to the school; however, he revealed that the shame of the experience changed his perspective about women for the worse.

“After that – years later, I just came out thinking women were evil and rape isn’t real – it’s a lie; because a woman sould say yes and then tell the world she said no – because of what had happened to me. It’s a selfish perspective,” he continued


Read more here or watch the full interview at watch.withchude.com


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